Communication During Loan Process

Communication During Loan Process


Providing proactive communication that helps make the loan process more efficient and keep all parties informed.

1. Loan Application – Guidance for buyers on signing disclosures and beginning the loan process

2. Team Introduction – Sent to agents introducing my team, our process and when they will hear from us

3. Appraisal Appointment – Agents notified when appraisal has been scheduled  

4. Processing – All parties notified when file has moved to Processing

5. Underwriting – All parties notified when file has moved to Underwriting

6. Conditional Approval – Processor sends buyer conditional approval details including anything needed for final approval

7. Appraisal Received – Buyer receives copy of appraisal, Agents notified satisfactory appraisal received.

8. Friday Updates – All parties receive weekly email summarizing file status/progress

9. Initial Closing Disclosure (CD) – Buyer and buyer’s agent notified when initial CD has been sent and deadline for signing to meet closing date

10. Loan Approval – All parties notified when file receives final approval

11. Final CD – Copy sent for records and confirming details for closing

12. Funding – All parties notified once loan has funded